WHATEVER your learning and development needs, let us pitch to you!

Our Approach

Our Approach

  • Your business needs are handled with creativity: give a us a dry or boring subject area like Gross Margin management or Health and Safety compliance..and we will make it engaging.

  • We aim to build people’s character, skills and behaviours for the workplace

  • Your participants will be motivated and inspired by the programmes we provide. We consider not only what you want your people to KNOW and to DO….but how you want them to FEEL because if they aren’t motivated to change their approach and their behaviour, they just won’t.

  • You select from a range of formats and option: our programmes range from those formally accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management to experience-based workshops to blended and virtual learning options.

  • Your participants learn from sectors, experts and experiences well outside their own environment, and bring fresh perspectives and skills to the workplace.

  • You can choose from our own existing suite of programmes, or we can devise and deliver something especially for you.

  • Your participants benefit from are range of specialist associates and experts from an array of different walks of life (as well as strong business backgrounds), including actors, anthropologists, zoologists, songwriters, sports coaches, orchestral / choral conductors and many more. We can learn important business lessons from them all.

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How we work with you

Learning and development, if it’s to make a genuine difference to your business, must be approached in a robust manner, rather than a ‘tick box’ exercise. We’ve devised a seven stage process to ensure that your learning initiatives deliver the result you want.

This seven-step methodology ( and yes, you really DO need all seven) underpins everything we do.

Clarifying GOALS enables us to cut through everyday corporate buzzwords and jargons and focus on exactly what it is you want to achieve for your organisation, by asking you incisive and challenging questions.

Defining the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and BEHAVIOURS that need to change – or that need to be fostered in order to achieve your goals is an obvious part of the process.

Ensuring that your CULTURE and environment will actually support the behaviour change is a critical point that many miss out: if these don’t support the expected change, then the change won’t last long.

Business revolve around PROCESSES and PEOPLE. We look at building TRUST in both in the design and delivery of your programmes.

How people feel about what they learn is important – if they don’t feel CONFIDENCE and motivation to implement new skills and behaviours, they won’t.

Building these two critical factors is a key component in all the programmes we write and deliver, as is maintaining MOMENTUM and resilience long term as new skills become habit.

Together, these factors ensure the delivery of the RESULTS that you identified at the outset.