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Short description

Motivation - engagement is critical to get direct reports to go the extra mile: some tips on how to motivate your team.

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Half Day


Who should attend?

This workshop will benefit team leaders and managers who are keen to understand how to build a focused and motivated team. Research shows that motivation leads to productivity, so discover how to create and leverage it in your own employees.

Although this workshop is a stand-alone, it also provides a good introduction to our Communicating to Influence workshop.

It also provides useful background information for our Performance Coaching full day workshop.


The purpose of this workshop is to build your ability to identify what motivates others and recognise where to appropriately leverage this knowledge within your workplace, with your teams, peers and colleagues.

Often we assume that what motivates US will also be a driver for those around us, and this isn’t necessarily the case. We tend to get stuck in the same behavioural patterns when trying to spur people into action...and then wonder why our encouragement doesn’t have the impact we expected.

By outlining core principles and looking at how and where to apply these, you’ll open a door to interpersonal skills which will be as useful outside the workplace as within it.

Programme outline

What motivates us?

• Exploring individual and group motivators.

Motivation principles

• The psychology behind what drives us

• Applying the principles at work and beyond

• Identifying what motivates others

Managing Motivation

• Secrets of self motivation

• Spotting signs of de-motivation

• Capitalising on motivated people (including yourself!)

Motivation and Influence

• Motivation and productivity

• Influencing with integrity (a precursor to our Communicating to Influence workshop)