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Managing Your Stakeholders


Short description

Managing Your Stakeholders - understanding and managing how you communicate with your stakeholders.

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Half Day


Who should attend?

Anyone involved in projects, cross-departmental work, or working with external suppliers, providers and customers would benefit from this workshop. It’s been designed to help you identify your stakeholders, assess how involved they need to be, and how to communicate with them accordingly.

This workshop complements our Communicating to Influence workshop.


We often waste time and energy taking a ‘broad brush’ to stakeholder communication, assuming that everyone even passingly involved in what we’re doing wants the same level of information. Either that, or we run the risk of missing someone important off our list – someone who could de-rail proceedings if they are not adequately informed and involved.

Focusing on your real life projects and workplace, this workshop will help you to identify exactly who your stakeholders are, what their level of involvement actually is, and how best to manage them to achieve the outcomes that you want.

Program outline

Identifying stakeholders

• How wide to go in your definition

• Internal vs external stakeholders

Assessing their level of involvement

• How integral are they to your work: your perspective

• How integral are they to your work: their perspective

Communicating with your stakeholders

• Choosing the right time, method and frequency

Communications planning

• Planning principles and templates

Leveraging the influencing of others

• Using your network to influence stakeholders