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Introduction to Change Management


Short description

Introduction to Change Management - understand how people react and respond to change in the workplace and some tools to assist in their engagement.

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Full Day

Who should attend

Business managers, Engineers, Project Managers and Technical professionals who want to understand the basics of managing the process of change and engaging people in this time of stress.


The purpose of this program is to develop change management expertise within your fast moving organisation. At one time, it was possible to manage a portfolio of stable activities, well established and proceduralised. Now, today’s manager has to handle the ever present impact of change.

Projects are being continuously developed to ensure the business is aligned with its strategic intent and the needs of the market place. This program supports leaders who have a complex portfolio of ongoing and one-off activities to deliver within tight timescales and budgets. Their work is impacted not only by projects initiated in their own functional areas but also by projects undertaken from within other areas of the business. In many organisations, the portfolio is not well managed and clashes occur in terms of priorities, access to expertise and interference with delivery of the daily work. All this has to be managed at the leadership level.

Knowing the ‘hard’ skills of project management – planning, scheduling, budgeting – is only half of it.

The more challenging part for change managers is the need for proficiency in such critical areas as communication, team building and leadership.

‘Projects, in today’s sense, are strategic management tools and you ignore the discipline of enterprise-wide project management at your peril’.

The way we teach

This program is very interactive with exercises and activities to really involve yourself in the subject matter and play with the concepts to turn them into real learning.

Program Outline

The Landscape of Change

• Exercise

• Being an Agent of Change

Kubler Ross/Fisher Transition Curve

• Managing people through their own change

Kotter Change Model

• Developing the Guidance

Bridges Transition Model

• Developing people to cope with the change

The Eight Stages of Building Commitment