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Communicating to Influence


Short description

Understanding others in order to influence and persuade.

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Half Day 

Who should attend?

This workshop is for anyone who seeks to be better at influencing team members, colleagues, peers and even managers.

If you have to convince others of your ideas or get other people to buy in to what you’re saying, this workshop will help you do this better, whether you’re communicating with individuals or with groups.

This workshop complements our Managing Your Stakeholders workshop.


This workshop is designed to give you the tools and techniques to be able to quickly identify what motivates other people, and how you might therefore communicate your idea or offering in a way that will appeal to them.

Whether you are looking to influence a specific individual or a group of people, this workshop will provide you with the background psychology and the practical techniques to be able to do so, by tailoring your own style to match theirs.

Program outline

Identifying what drives people

• Listening and observing for clues

• Asking the right questions

Personalities and preferences

• Identifying styles and preferences

• Techniques for communicating with different personality styles

Pitching to persuade

• Flexing your influencing style

• How to influence groups