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Coaching is a critical tool in the toolbox of leaders and managers to achieve business results. It helps build competence, individual by individual, and excourages talented people to thrive engage and stay.

Coaching requires time and regular dialogue but this has a way of pushing up every driver of performance - trust, engagement, commitment and wellbeing.

As leaders and managers develop their coaching skills, they become more curious - they ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to their direct report's responses. They genuinely become interested in their people - their problems, their gaps and opportunities and what they could be doing better. Their curiosity facilitates the discussion that encourages the individual to share more freely their perceptions, doubts, concerns, mistakes and successes so that together they can reflect on what is happening and what needs to be done.

Annabelle and Ian are very experienced coaches, working with individuals globally and working with companies in developing coaching skills with their managers. They have taught more than 1,000 managers coaching and mentoring skills in many different sectors, and coached individuals through performance and behavioural challenges.


Case Study

As part of a major shift in leadership style, Annabelle and Ian worked with a financial services company installing performance coaching with their first line and senior leaders. This program extended over 12 months and resulted in a significant return on investment.  

Case Study

Annabelle and Ian worked with UK and European sales teams in changing their approach from order takers to consultants. As part of the process, they taught the GROW coaching model and followed up the event with one to one coaching. This proved very successful as the managers worked with staff, agents and external parties in a more collaborative approach using the coaching techniques.

Case Study

Ian was asked to coach an overseas manager through cultural issues working in a Moslem country. With his 30 years of working in the Middle East, he was able to engage the manager and help him to see new ways of working and to let go of management techniques that had been useful in the UK but did not reflect well in his new environment.